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Carlon® Bore-Gard® / Multi-Gard®

Carlon's PVC Bore-Gard conduit eliminates the costly problems of HDPE pipe on a reel such as reel handling, fusion welding, uncoiling and wasted pipe, safety hazards and additional job site labor.

Bore-Gard is designed and proven to meet the rigorous requirements of horizontal directional drilling for electrical and datacom applications. The unique design incorporates
a water-tight seal and locking ring that enables fast, cement-free assembly, strong enough for 1000 foot bores.

Short lengths of 10 and 20 feet fit into the tightest spaces and can be easily transported to the job site. Simplify trenchless installations and lower your costs with Bore-Gard.

Carlon's PVC Boreable Multi-Gard conduit combines a strong boreable outerduct with the convenience of a Multi-Cell conduit.

Boreable Multi-Gard utilizes leading technology from Carlon's PVC Bore-Gard Trenchless Raceway, offering a field-proven design.

Bores up to 500 feet can be achieved without labor-intensive operations. Lengths of 20 feet fit into tight spaces often encountered on underground boring job sites. Experience the strength and convenience of Carlon Boreable Multi-Gard.


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